Just look at what people are saying about SAMS!


‘You guys are super responsive – I love it.’

‘Good Morning,

First off let me say your presentation is awesome. I’ve never gotten anything back so nicely executed. I can’t wait to work with you moving forward. You sir are a breath of fresh air.’

‘Great, everyone is very happy with how things have been going…like someone opened a window and let in the fresh air again!’

“I had another company come out first for an estimate, I was not sure they were honest ,so I call you guys. The first quote was for $7400 from Xxxx X Xxxxx (Competitor), Southern Air’s quote, $240.00…. WOW.. They saved me over $7000 . THANK YOU!!!”

“Eric did a great job!”

‘I wish all my HVAC calls went to you guys! You’re the best and do everything perfect!’

Thanks, this is so much better with you guys running things!’

Thank you for the forms and your efforts in this matter.
Your expert staff did a great job with the installation of our new AC system – its working fine! Mike B.