Customer Service

Trained to have a “Sense of Urgency” and be fully familiar with the different types of  problems associated with  the various HVAC Emergencies in a retail environment, SAMS Customer service representatives will gather the needed information, Obtain a authorized NTE amount from you for the repair, Log it into the system, provide an ETA to dispatch a service professional in a exceptionally efficient manner.

Worl Class Customer Service!

World Class Customer Service!

When you have an HVAC REPAIR Emergency, you want to speak with a knowledgeable Customer Service Representative who understands what you are describing so they are able to efficiently dispatch a service technician as quickly as possible. Our CSR’s have a true sense of urgency to resolve the issue!


You will be notified when the technician physically arrives on site and checks in with management.

Once the technician diagnoses the problem he/she will determine if the repair will be less in cost than the provided NTE amount. if so the repair will be completed on the spot (pending parts availability of course).

If the repair is expected to exceed the provided NTE the technician will stop, determine the approximate cost to complete the repair and have this information relayed to you through our customer service representative for an increase of the NTE to proceed to repair the equipment.

If the repair is more complex we will stop, contact you to advise that we will be  preparing a quote within 24 hours for your examination and approval.

No surprises, constant contact and email updates, honest accurate HVAC repairs all day, every day!